Our Approach

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We understand that planning a wedding can be a whirlwind of stress and emotions. We've totally been there. And that's why it's so important for you to find a photographer and videographer that you connect with and feel comfortable around. Nobody needs their vendors to be an added stress to their wedding. That's why we like to use a more hands off approach for most of the day. We prefer to be story tellers and to document your day as it unfolds naturally rather than set up posed moments that feel disingenuous. Early in the day, we try to blend in with everyone else as they get ready. We will snap some photos of you getting your makeup done and probably talk about our dogs. We may make occasional suggestions like ask you to move to a better spot where the light is just right while you continue to put on your jewelry or button your jacket. But for the most part we just let you get ready naturally. As for the wedding party, we spend about 20 minutes here with a few camera aware shots and some shots of everyone interacting. We follow a similar method with portraits of the two of you. With about 30 minutes here, we try to focus more on natural interactions. We do this by really reading the vibes of each couple and letting their personalities lead the show. We understand that some couples are more affectionate while others are less touchy-feely and we really try to pay attention to that so that your images ring true to who you are. Our advice here is to really try to relax, embrace the process and breathe each other in. Family photos are a bit different when it comes to our approach. These are the most traditional photos we will take all day but equally as important. The rest of the day, from ceremony to exit, we will document your day as it unfolds with very little direction. Just remember to be present and to focus on each other. When you do that, you won't be worried about our cameras. When you feel relaxed and comfortable, you look relaxed and comfortable. And we will do our best to help make you feel that way! 



We love...

Intimate weddings, outdoor ceremonies, nontraditional brides, emotional grooms, dogs, dogs, dogs, meaningful looks, unplugged moments, being friends with our couples, window light, hand written vows, overgrown fields, mountain air, vast backdrops, genuine laughter, creative flexibility, dogs, adventurous spirits, muddy shoes, dirty dresses, messy hair, and wild florals. 





We Don't Love...

Pinterest poses, guests leaning in the aisle with iPhones, stagnant poses, burlap and mason jars, dogs (jk. We love those), props, selective coloring, cheesy vignettes, rooms without windows, lengthy shot lists (these hinder creativity and cause us to miss natural moments as they happen. Just trust us! We’ve got this!!)